Frequently Asked

General Questions

Each trial has its own eligibility criteria that participants must meet. Sunstone’s eligibility evaluation is a multistep process to ensure your safety and determine if there is a current clinical trial that is right for you.

After registering your interest, there are three key steps necessary to determine eligibility:

  1. Completing the Sunstone Questionnaire
  2. Speaking with our Clinical Evaluation Specialist
  3. Attending your in-person site visit

The primary focus of our trials is to explore the safety, efficacy, and therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicines in a safe and supportive environment. We aim to provide participants with a healing experience while contributing to the advancement of psychedelic science.

If you want to apply for a clinical trial, click here. We will guide you through the application and screening process.

Your personal safety is our number one priority. We have rigorous safety protocols in place, and our team includes medical professionals and therapists trained to handle any potential challenges or adverse events that may arise during the sessions.

As with any medical intervention, there are always risks. Our team will provide thorough information on potential risks and benefits, so you have all the information you need before deciding to enroll.

At this time, we do not have any trials for healthy volunteers.

We suggest you periodically check our website for new trial opportunities as they become available. You can also search for trials recruiting participants at other locations by visiting

Some sponsor trials will compensate you for your participation, while others are purely voluntary.

Some of our sponsored trials have a budget to help with participant travel, while others do not.

Our research trials predominantly consist of in-person visits, though select studies provide the option for remote participation in specific sessions.

We currently have one site in Rockville, Maryland, where all our visits are held. Our company is growing and planning to open additional sites in the coming months, so stay tuned!

The duration of trials can vary, but most Sunstone trials are structured within a predetermined time frame to which participants are expected to commit. We emphasize the importance of discussing the exact duration of your trial with our team during the screening process.

It is recommended and preferred that participants have their own therapist, psychiatrist, or both to help facilitate continued healing during and after participation in a Sunstone trial.

Currently, all of our studies require participants to taper off of their medications to participate. If you are eligible for participation, our site physician will create a taper plan after the screening visit. We emphasize that participants must not begin implementing changes to their medications before a physician creates a taper plan for them.

Yes, participants have the right to withdraw from all our trials at any time. Patient well-being and safety are our top priority, and our team is available to help you navigate the process for withdrawal if needed.

Research trials have specific dietary or lifestyle recommendations before and after sessions. These will be discussed in detail with you throughout the trial experience.

Many trials include provisions to include support persons when appropriate. If you are unsure about this, please ask for clarity during the screening process.

Sunstone will help transition patients to counseling or support if ongoing therapy is desired.