Join Us in Providing Whole Person Healing

With a focus on compassionate delivery, patient care, and rigorous safety protocols, Sunstone is establishing the standard for psychedelic-assisted therapy within a medical setting. Working with providers like you enables us to realize our vision of whole-person healing for all.

Whether you are a licensed therapist interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy training or a physician considering a patient referral, we are delighted to connect with you. 

The Sunstone Difference

Therapeutic Expertise
Along with research, screening, and assessment, we emphasize knowledge of the physical and psychological effects of psychedelic medicines, along with the ability to collaborate effectively within a co-therapy model.
Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence
With acknowledgment of the transcendent, our therapists attune with patients to build strong alliances while maintaining a loving presence, embodied empathy, overarching trust, and established support.
Inner Awareness & Integrity
We prioritize self-awareness as a foundation for ethical integrity and self-care, ensuring therapists are well-prepared to navigate the emotional challenges of psychedelic-assisted therapy.
Curiosity & Courageous Exploration
With a commitment to psychological growth, continuing education, and fearless curiosity, our therapists venture into uncharted emotional, cognitive, and spiritual territories—fully supported to navigate the unpredictability and intensity of the psychedelic journey.
Group Treatment Model
The group experience is an essential aspect of Sunstone’s unique treatment model. Facilitated by the therapy team with a designated lead therapist, group participants build community and a framework of mutual support.
Mentorship & Support
Our philosophy prioritizes the delivery of relevant and timely training complemented by mentorship, support, and evaluation, ensuring that we offer the best possible care to both therapists and patients.

Become a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist

Sunstone offers a singular training program designed to equip therapists with the specialized skills and knowledge to care for patients throughout the psychedelic experience.

Join us in redefining healing as we pioneer safe, compassionate, and medically rigorous psychedelic-assisted care.

Physician Referrals 

Sunstone delivers psychedelic-assisted therapy in a safe and compassionate medical setting. 

With a highly experienced and professional staff, we prioritize safety, informed consent, and comprehensive support to ensure optimal care in collaboration with referring physicians.

Love & Rigor

Our work is grounded in the warmth we bring to each patient and the depth of our clinical experience. We want the core values of Love and Rigor to be felt in all we do.

For patients to feel safe exploring their inner depths. For therapists and physicians to feel confident making referrals, exploring this training themselves, or both. And for potential partners to trust Sunstone to design and execute studies and clinical trials.

Partner with Sunstone

Learn how we partner with top-tier academic institutions to advance the field of psychedelic medicine.

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