Whole Person Healing.
For All.

Sunstone is redefining what it means to heal by creating a safe and compassionate setting for the delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy within a medical framework. With a range of clinical trials, a highly-trained interdisciplinary team, and purposely designed centers, we are committed to treating the whole person.
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Healing, Redefined.

Sunstone is building healing centers that advance the standard of care with a focus on psychedelic therapies to address the psychological and emotional impact of complex mental health challenges and disorders.

Pioneering a New Era
in Modern Medicine

Sunstone Therapies is a leader in the delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy in the medical setting, focusing on clinical trials and future clinical delivery upon approval.
Patient Experience
Sunstone is pioneering a human-centric, whole-person approach to integrative care that is all about you—the patient. We know that just as each human being is unique, so is each psychedelic experience. Our specially-trained interdisciplinary team supports you as you prepare for, experience, and integrate your psychedelic session.
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Trials & Research
Our research is a catalyst to help develop new standards for the delivery of care in this emerging field. Sunstone is conducting multiple simultaneous studies to evaluate the healing potential of diverse psychedelic medicines for a range of clinical indications—all to develop psychedelic care that is patient-centric, responsible, safe, and effective.
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Patient Experience
Therapist Training
We work with highly skilled and compassionate therapists. Our training program provides therapists with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to safely facilitate psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our staff is trained to confidently and effectively navigate the variety of experiences patients may encounter during treatment.
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At Sunstone, we partner with existing mental health providers, practitioners, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and novel technology developers. We thrive when working collaboratively with trusted partners to continue growing and expanding our foundational vision of whole-person healing for all.
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Love & Rigor

Our work is grounded in rigorous medical practice, a deep respect for your experience as a patient, and superior operational standards.
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Sunstone is an essential expansion of the standard of care delivered in a medical setting—treating the mind and heart along with the physical body.
Kim Roddy Chief Operating Officer

Care & Precision

As oncologists, psychologists, and healthcare professionals, we wanted to try something better. Sunstone is pioneering the future of whole-person care with state-of-the-art psychedelic clinics to deliver care that reduces the emotional suffering of people affected by cancer and complex mental health challenges. We exist to make safe, effective psychedelic-assisted therapy personal and accessible for you as the patient.
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Healing is a nuanced and lifelong process, but the fact that a spark from a single session can ignite this journey continues to surprise and humble me.
Dr. Manish Agrawal Chief Executive Officer

Experience Healing with Sunstone.

At Sunstone, we believe you already have everything you need to heal inside yourself. We offer the care and support you need to harness it.

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Setting the Standard for Care

Sunstone is at the forefront of psychedelic research with premier academic and medical institutions, emphasizing the importance of strong partnerships in realizing the potential of psychedelic therapy for holistic healing.