It’s Time to Treat the
Whole Person.

It’s time to treat the whole person, addressing the mind, heart, and body as interconnected. By delivering innovative psychedelic therapies administered in a safe, compassionate environment, we aim to redefine healing…to heal what isn’t being healed.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Sunstone is establishing the gold standard for psychedelic clinics to deliver care that reduces the emotional suffering of those affected by complex mental health challenges and disorders, and to make safe, effective psychedelic-assisted therapy accessible.
Whole Person Healing is

The Meaning Behind Our Name

Sunstones, as per Norse legend, were used to amplify sunlight, helping seafarers navigate on the cloudiest of days. The Nord’s use of sunstones to reveal the sun’s light during dark times to help them find their way beautifully parallels the work of Sunstone Therapies in guiding people through personal journeys of healing during some of their most vulnerable times.

Meet the Team

As oncologists and mental health professionals, we wanted to try something different. To take a step back and address the whole person. To develop an expanded philosophy and practice of healing by delivering psychedelic therapies in a safe and compassionate setting.
Manish Agrawal, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Kim Roddy, M.B.A.
Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder
Michelle Childers
Human Resources Manager
Amy Zuchelkowski
Research Director
Rachel Winzer, M.S.
Therapist Program Director
 Laura Volovski
Marketing Communications Manager
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Our Values

At Sunstone, we see healing as an ongoing journey rather than a destination. Our work is grounded in human-centric care, rigorous medical practice, nuanced therapy, and superior operational standards.
Work and Think with Rigor
Execute with precision and efficiency, informed by critical thinking that understands context, implications, and potential consequences.
Act with Love
Assume the best of people and foster trust, safety, and respect. Take action to build and maintain relationships.
Heart Hands
Care for People
Support the betterment of all and cultivate shared belonging by demonstrating inclusion, kindness, compassion, and transparency.
Learn and Grow
Challenge yourself by uncovering biases and blind spots, asking for help, and reflecting on and refining what’s working well and what can be improved.
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Innovate Boldly
Lead courageously with new ideas by staying close to curiosity and continuing to evolve through iteration, testing, and improvement.