Rachel Winzer, M.S.

Therapist Program Director
M.S. in Social Cognition from the University College London, B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado
I have experience working as a consultant with Revena, a specialist science and management consultancy. Before joining Sunstone, I worked with COMPASS Pathways, most recently as the Senior Manager of Clinical Innovation. I have also served in direct patient care in clinical settings as a mental health specialist and training supervisor at the McLean Franciscan Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.
This work resonates with me on a cellular level. I feel most grounded in my purpose when working at the edge of what is possible in mental health care. At Sunstone, we are exploring new possibilities for treatment and healing that have the potential to bring relief to so many who are struggling. This hope bolsters our commitment to our patients, each other, and the important work we do.


Rachel brings experience in psychedelic therapy research, therapist training and assessment, and clinical care to her role as Therapist Program Director at Sunstone. Rachel is responsible for developing and driving the strategy for all Sunstone’s Therapist Program initiatives.


I want to hear individual stories and design therapeutic experiences and tools that improve lives. I am highly motivated to improve access to effective healthcare for individuals and communities across cultures. We are only just beginning to understand what is possible with psychedelics as a potential treatment for multiple indications, and my goal is to keep exploring and learning from the data to bring the best quality, most impactful treatments forward.