Centers for Healing

Design Meets Medicine

At the forefront of both design and medicine, Sunstone’s Centers for Healing are revolutionizing an approach to whole-person care that embraces the transformative potential of psychedelics within a medical setting.

We are establishing the gold standard for psychedelic clinics with Centers for Healing designed as an integral part of the care we offer. 

Care, Redefined

Sunstone practices an expanded philosophy of healing to treat the whole person. 

Groundbreaking Research

We deliver psychedelic therapies in a safe and compassionate setting—with care and precision.


With a highly skilled team operating best-in-class psychedelic facilities, we support your journey every step of the way.

A New Model of Healing

Sunstone is forging a path toward whole-person, integrated treatment that redefines the quality of care to reduce the emotional suffering of those affected by complex mental health challenges and disorders. Our state-of-the-art psychedelic treatment centers are designed to support each patient’s total health and well-being.
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Giving people a safe place in a supportive environment to explore the wonderful wisdom of their own mind gives them the opportunity to discover the healing potential within.
Dr. Bill Richards Senior Advisor

Elevating the Standard of Patient Care

Treating the whole person means we empower patients like you to embark on a path of integrative health that is inclusive, authentic, and human. We place equal emphasis on the quality of care we offer and the centers we design, recognizing that the experience of healing is intimately connected to the safety of the healing space.

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Pioneering Trials in Psychedelic Medicine

At the forefront of psychedelic research, the Bill Richards Center for Healing is the first community healthcare facility to gain FDA approval for group-administered psilocybin clinical trials, focusing on treating the emotional and psychological impact of cancer and complex mental health challenges and disorders. 

With unique models, like our dyad study, we lead the way with innovative trials focused on the healing potential of psychedelic medicines.

Design Is Medicine
Sunstone uses the same principles that guide our patient care to design and create our Centers for Healing.
Our precise attention to detail reflects the rigor with which we practice medicine, simultaneously setting the standard for care and raising the bar.
We are constantly observing, testing, and growing to advance this evolving field of medicine and elevate the experience of the people who work and receive care at Sunstone.
Our shared purpose of whole-person healing aligns with our focus. We strive to deepen the sense of belonging and connection to the healing process through shared experiences.
We are inspired by the natural beauty of organic forms and elements to create a signature experience for our patients and staff.
The care we take in designing every detail of the physical environment is a reflection of how we treat our staff and patients—with love.

2022 Design Award Winner

Recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as a leader in design, the Bill Richards Center embodies a holistic approach to healing that includes mind, body, and spirit.
We believe that you can design spaces that are conducive to love and caring. That was the idea behind The Bill Richards Center, to design a space where healing can happen in the name of love. It took a community of people…anything good takes a community.
Chris Baer Co-Founder

Experience Healing with Sunstone

At Sunstone, we believe you possess the capacity for healing. Our work does not create this ability but enhances and accelerates it. Our compassionate medical staff administers psychedelic medicines with precision while our team of specially trained therapists guides you in connecting deeply with your inner wellspring.

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