Healing the Whole

We are redefining what it means to heal.

Fundamental to our approach is the belief that health is not just the absence of illness but a state of emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

At Sunstone, we recognize the complex interplay between different aspects of health and wellness. To begin a journey of healing often necessitates the release of constriction or stagnation—pathways that can become accessible through the compassionate and precise administration of psychedelic medicines.

Values That Nurture Healing

Present Moment Awareness
Fostering mindfulness and compassion in the here and now.
Healthy Connections
Restoring beneficial connections within ourselves and our surrounding world as part of an integrative foundation for health and well-being. 
Trusting the Depths
Believing in and connecting with the inner self and the healing capacity within each of us. 
Embracing Experience
Embracing the entirety of the human journey wholeheartedly, recognizing that hardships and joy can coexist.
Honoring Grief
Approaching grief as a vital and transformative facet of human existence.
Meaning and Purpose
Prioritize, restore, and strengthen the place of values and intentions to reconnect with the aspects of life that provide significance and direction.
Going Past Self
Broadening perspective beyond the known for a deeper sense of clarity, connection, and compassion. 
The Centrality of Love
Realizing that none of us is alone and tapping into a sense of gratitude and humility. 

The Importance of the Therapeutic Relationship

The therapeutic relationship is paramount in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our team of licensed therapists receives extensive training to learn how to best support you throughout the process—from preparation to psychedelic experience and long-term integration. 

Ultimately, therapists are present to foster trust, maintain an open and empathic presence, and collaborate with you while addressing any challenges that may arise. Our aim in creating a safe setting for your experience is to allow your deep inner intelligence to guide your healing process.

As healthcare leaders, we knew treating just physical symptoms would never be enough. We needed to do something better.

Sunstone is healing what isn’t being healed. 
Healing, Redefined.