Psychedelic Research

Sunstone powers trials to address complex mental health challenges and disorders while training therapists and optimizing the healing potential for patients.

Trials & Research

Trial administration and execution.

Establishing partnerships with academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies expands our wealth of knowledge. Sunstone utilizes the data we collect to inform the continual development and refinement of our guidelines and best practices so we can continue to operate trials safely and effectively.

Therapist Training

Prepare therapists via experiential simulations. Designed by experts with deep experience in psychedelic medicine, our unique training program in psychedelic-assisted therapy delivers core knowledge, hands-on experience, and in-depth evaluation.

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Patient Experience

Sunstone is dedicated to developing and refining the optimal patient experience. Our ongoing commitment to conducting rigorous trials and extensive research will lead the way in establishing and advancing standards of patient care in psychedelic-assisted therapy.
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“I am very grateful for the exceptional care I received at Sunstone Therapies. The team’s profound experience and genuine compassion created an environment where I felt fully supported and secure at every stage of the process.”
Study Participant

Sunstone Published Research

Explore our growing list of published research featured in medical journals and publications.