Therapist Training

Join us in pioneering a unique approach to care with our therapist training program—
The Sunstone Way. 

Designed by experts with deep experience in psychedelic medicine, this cutting-edge practicum in psychedelic-assisted therapy delivers core knowledge, hands-on experience, and in-depth evaluation.
With mentorship, assessment, and individual and group support, our therapist training reflects Sunstone’s philosophy of whole-person healing for all, aiming to provide both patients and therapists-in-training with the best possible experience.

Guiding Principles for Therapist Training

Safety First
Our thorough screening and assessment process is designed to ensure individual safety by evaluating each client’s physical and mental health, history, and current situation so we can customize treatment while minimizing risks.
With recognition of the widespread impact of trauma and its effects, we aim to create a sensitive and supportive therapy environment to avoid re-traumatization, promote trauma resolution, and build trust with patients through open communication.
We empower patients to heal by putting them first—prioritizing their unique needs, honoring them as the experts of their experience, and tailoring care to align with their personal journey.
Evidence-based practice combines current, high-quality research with clinical expertise and patient preferences to provide the best possible care with the highest likelihood of success.
Our dynamic training model is a living process that evolves with continuous learning from feedback and observation, as well as changes in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Become a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist.

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