It has been humbling and transformative as a psychologist to witness the profound and uniquely tailored healing of patients who have undergone this treatment.


I hold expertise from diverse psychedelic trials, varied modalities emphasizing trauma-informed care, and prior roles overseeing holistic programs. My deep applied knowledge spans therapy, training, and holistic well-being initiatives.


I believe that psychedelic therapy helps people heal core wounds and access their higher selves in unique ways. I embrace psychedelic-assisted therapy for whole-person healing and support people in connecting with their higher selves to access what is most important in their lives.

Therapeutic Lens

I come from a holistic, person-centered perspective that integrates trauma-informed, IFS parts, somatic-focused, meaning-centered, and attachment-based interventions. I am passionate about supporting and working with Veterans and their family members. In addition, I am very interested in how people in dyads and groups can help together.