In memory of Roland Griffiths.

We Share the Cancer: Roland Griffiths and his wife, Marla, sit with Manish Agrawal to discuss how a stage IV cancer diagnosis has changed their lives.

Before the diagnosis I considered myself to be reasonably awake, with a long history of practicing meditation, aware that I am aware and interested in practicing that. After the diagnosis there was a magnitude, a degree of awakening that occurred that far surpassed anything I had experienced before.

Roland Griffiths, Phd

The Roland R. Griffiths, PhD, Professorship Fund in Psychedelic Research on Secular Spirituality and Well Being

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Currently, Roland has received pledges totalling about $14M. This means that he is $6M short of the $20M target, sufficient to support the full research program. To donate, please visit and click “Donate”.