Sunstone Therapies' clinical research portfolio allows us to comprehensively and rigorously evaluate the safety and efficacy of psychedelic-assisted therapy, one of the most promising advances in mental health care. We are working with patients who have exhausted existing therapies for their depression, dealing with past traumas, or facing a terminal diagnosis, and seeing significant and durable positive effects. I am thankful to be a part of a team committed to methodologically studying and refining this promising and new treatment modality.


My role is to navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape of psychedelic-assisted therapy and to work internally, with regulatory bodies and government agencies to ensure that the clinical research conducted by Sunstone Therapies adheres to the appropriate guidelines and regulations.


Psychedelic-assisted therapy has shown remarkable efficacy when treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, obsession and addiction. Because of its therapeutic effects on a myriad of mental health indications, I hope that our research helps to shed more light on the etiology and underlying processes of mental illnesses, all in an effort to improve an individual's well-being and reduce the public health burden of these afflictions.