Maricel Claro

Senior Accountant
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines
I am grateful to be part of a team deeply committed to enriching and uplifting peoples lives through healing. It's reassuring to realize that even in an indirect capacity, I play a role in our team's mission and collective achievements of Sunstone Therapies.


As a Senior Accountant, I oversee the management of Sunstone's accounting operations, including the production and analysis of financial records and reports. My commitment lies in developing, refining, and implementing efficient processes and procedures to ensure the creation of accurate, timely, and comprehensive financial documentation. By doing so, I contribute to Sunstone's pursuit of its mission and dedication to serving its clients and communities we serve.


I am very passionate about promoting health and wellness to everyone I encounter especially members of my family and circle of friends. Having experienced a multiple heart-wrenching losses of loved ones and witnessing their courageous battles facing health and mental challenges, it inspired me a deep commitment to supporting mental well-being for myself and those facing similar struggles. Sunstone's profound dedication to holistic healing deeply resonates with me, as they prioritize crafting comprehensive treatments that embrace the entirety of the individual, facilitating access to transformative healing experiences.